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In this generation where social media has become our basic life- anxiety has come in hand to hand.

When we say anxiety a lot of people believe there is no such thing and that it’s just in our heads,because you are meant to be bold and strong as you grow up and mature in life,that’s what all parents want right? However have you thought what is the reason why you can’t walk pass the same set of people twice, without wondering “would they laugh?”Have you ever thought what will people say if I wear the same set of clothes out again,Have you ever thought what will people think if I post this on my social media handle,

Have you ever thought why can’t I go on stage without my heart burning. Most importantly why can’t I ever go for want I want instead of leaving others to claim it.

Anxiety isn’t necessarily for attention seekers, it’s in fact the quite people who really have anxiety-it’s the reason why they can’t make new friends or why they can’t try new things and why they can’t express themselves.

Anxiety is a deep thing in our generation that can’t be fully explained by one person; when anxiety gets to you it’s like there is no turning back, it’s like your trapped inside a crawlspace and lost in a dark place.With anxiety, your goals laugh in your face and when your pushed to go for your goals you just want to do it when you’re “ready” 

The reason I put ready in a speech mark is because with anxiety there is never a ready there is never a now. In this society we live in anxiety isn’t taken seriously because people don’t ever notice, they feel the person is just being plain shy or maybe not mature enough.

People with anxiety run away from gatherings, and even from once close friends,they find it difficult to make friends ; mix with people and don’t really talk about their problems to anyone.

Just like any other illnesses there are stages of anxiety; the first stage is PANIC DISORDER-many people know this as panic attacks. When someone has a panic attack most times it begins with heavy breathing. After which you sweat and have chest pain( more like a burn in chest) which is very irregular and unusual, it usually feels like a heart attack,it makes it feel like your heart is stopping.When this occurs regularly you and anxiety have just had your first official meeting.

The second stage is SOCIAL INSECURITY this period you feel like every one is just talking about you when you walk into a room and this restricts you from being comfortable around people. At this point anxiety has you phone number therefore when you’re invited for a party anxiety sends you a message telling you “you grab it’s just a pity invite right?” And you begin to think would they prank me or will they gather to insult me or make fun of me or what I’m wearing or what I’m doing.You are afraid to post a picture on Instagram because anxiety has told you “no likes for you” or “you’re to black”, “your camera is bad”,”you’re to ugly or maybe you’re to fat”. Then the next thing you delete the picture you were so excited to post.

Stage three this is RANDOM FEARS, you feel scared to try new things; you’re afraid of what would happen if you wear heels cause the last time you did you fell, when your someone gets you heels anxiety calls and she laughs in your face whispering “you know you’re going to fall “ I want you to understand life is all about mistakes, either you learn from someone else’s or you learn from your own,there are no two ways about it.The thing about this is that when you make a mistake it’s a first step on the staircase to achieve success. So when anxiety calls you, your job is to send her straight to voicemail and send her a message saying I got this , if you can’t then get someone you know won’t lie to you; then ask the person if they believe you can do it.

The final stage is ANXIETY DISORDER; at this stage anxiety has your mail so she can FaceTime you, She has your address so she can visit you, at any time mostly when you don’t expect it and when your vulnerable.At this stage a lot of people believe there is no turning back and they feel they are trapped.The thing about anxiety is that she feeds on your fear and self esteem; and it eats you up from the inside and manifests on the outside for everyone to see,it’s now your choice to decide what’s anxiety going to mean to me? Is she going to be my best friend in the sense we have inside jokes or would she be my enemy where she just goes against all I do, maybe she will just be that irrelevant voice in my head until she is ready to leave.

You can overcome anxiety,it’s a battle yes it is,but this is a battle you have to learn to fight,and you fight it with love and with faith in yourself and your capabilities,never ever forget,no matter what anxiety throws at you,you can overcome it,and you will.

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